Planning - Land Use Planning - Metro Land Use Decision Records, Full Record and Submittal - Metro Council - Metro Council Land Use Decision Records - Other Records - URSA Site No. 47 Tier 1 Washington County Review and Approval of Metro Site Efficiency and Standards


Includes an attachment referencing conclusions regarding Metro's procedures governing UGB locational adjustments (as prepared by Washington County in 1994). Duplicate letter/attachment sent to Chris Billington, Clerk of the Council. Keywords: Urban Growth Boundary Amendment Urban Reserve Site 47 CONTAINED WITHIN: METRO COUNCIL BOX NO. COUNC0128/FOLDER 6 [1998 UGBA Decision Record].

Related to: 98-779D: Governance and Policy - Governance Management - Metro Council Ordinances, Resolutions, Orders, and Indices - 98-779D: For the Purpose of Amending Metro Urban Growth Boundary and the 2040 Growth Concept Map in Ordinance 95-625A in Urban Reserve Areas 43, 47 of Washington County, and Urban Reserve Areas 33 and 34 of Clackamas County