How to Find Commonly Searched-for Records in Metro Online Records


Metro Online Records provides the public with access to Metro’s records that are appropriate for unfiltered public access, such as legislation and certain meeting records. Approximately 10% of Metro’s records can be accessed through Online Records.


a.  Quick Search


This search appears in the top right corner of the search screen. It provides a fast and convenient way to perform simple searches that require only a single search method. Quick Search searches the titles of the records in the database. For helpful hints on searching, refer to section on Search Techniques.


1. Type in your search words or phrase




2. Click the Quick Search button (or hit enter)












b.  Search (aka “Complex Search”)


This search technique allows you to perform complex searches. Utilize Boolean techniques to search on several search criteria at the same time; filter the results; and limit the Record Types to be searched. For helpful hints on searching, refer to section on Search Techniques.



Optional: Sort By. You can sort your search results by Date Created, Record Number, or Title


2. Type In your search terms. Use the And/Or buttons to expand your search criteria


1. Select a search method. Click on the dropdown for additional search methods.


3. Click Search (or hit Enter)


Search Results

From the search results screen click on the record’s title to access the record’s metadata and electronic record.


Record title



From the records screen, click on View/Download – Download to download the attached electronic record.



Search Techniques

Records in Metro Online Records can be found by searching on different bits of metadata (alone or in combination). If you are unable to find what you are looking for, try other search methods. See Page 3 for more information.


Here are some useful search techniques to aid in your research:


Wild card searches

Use an asterisk (*) to stand for one or more characters. This works for both alpha and numeric characters. Useful when:

·  a word has more than one variation (Administrat* = Administration, Administrator, Administrative, Administration’s, etc.)

·  you are uncertain of the spelling (putre* waste = putrescible waste

·  you don’t know the complete number (9011* = 901100, 901101, 901102…901199)

·  always include a wildcard when searching on a resolution or ordinance number , e.g., “07-1144*”


Title Word search

Searches any word or words that appear in the record’s title.


Date Created search

Date of the document. To search on a date range use the word “to” between the dates. For example: 9/10/2012 to 10/10/2012


Document Content search

Searches the text of electronic documents.

[Note: This only works on documents that are text readable (e.g., PDFs that have been OCR’ed). Not all electronic records in Metro Online Records are text readable.]


Sort searches by record type:

Under the Sort By section of the search screen, choose record type from the drop down box. This will group the record types together.

Below are some of the records commonly searched for in Online Records, with suggestions on how to search.



Search Suggestions


Search method

Possible Search Terms

Ordinance or Resolution (for related records see Search Techniques section above)

Title Word

Key words, such as “resolution* Blue Lake”


Record Number

Resolution or Ordinance number

(always include a wildcard when searching on resolution or ordinance number , e.g., “07-1144*”)


Executive Order (EO)

Title Word

Executive Order number


Title Word

Executive Order name


Title Word

Key words, such as “executive order travel”


Record Number

“EO/*” (if you know the actual EO number use it, not *)


Document Content

Keywords, such as “procedures travel reimbursement”


Meeting Records (agendas, meeting packets, minutes, recordings…)

Title Word

Meeting/Committee Name


Date Created

Meeting Date


Document Content

Key words, such as “Blue Lake”



Record Title Examples

These examples of titles of records in WebDrawer will provide useful clues about how to search for similar records.



·  07-1144B Adopting the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2007-08, Making Appropriations, Levying Ad Valorem Taxes, and Declaring an Emergency.



·  09-4057: Resolution of Metro Council, Acting as the Metro Contract Review Board, For the Purpose of Approving Contract Amendments For the Predators of the Serengeti and Red Ape Reserve Exhibits at the Oregon Zoo.


Executive Order:

·  Executive Order No. 5 – Public Involvement Plan

·  Executive Order No. 63 – Travel Expenditures


Meeting Records:

·  Council Work Session Agenda

·  Council Work Session Minutes

·  Council Work Session Meeting Packet

·  Council Work Session Recording







Questions or Comments?

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